Tequila and Blogging

Two weeks ago, I was sitting curled up, sipping on a glass of tequila, reading The Huff Post Guide to Blogging.  As I sat there I wondered what my first blog would be about.  When the warmth of the tequila spread across my chest as only tequila can. I realized that this was my first blog. Then I got procrastinaty and “forgot” write it.  So 2 weeks later here we go for a real start without the tequila.

Although I am behind on all fonts*wink, I have been training my brain and my fingers.  With the new addition of the ukulele, Lil’Betty to my schedule this January aswell as this blog, a vlog, a one woman show, a stand up routine, fitness program and a few tv series pitches.  I am getting new calluses everywhere and feeling procrastinaty again, but I should be able to do all that in a year? Right?

Tequila and Blogging

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