The Not-so-silent Nurse

In another of my occasional day job, I act. Well, I act in my day-to-day life, I act like a goof or a bitch, a ukulele player and I act on my instinct.  Today, I acted like a nurse, correction a cyborg nurse from the future.  With a whopping two lines and 3 takes I think that cyborg nurse is going to take the modern and futuristic world by storm.  Okay not storm, perhaps more like a slight breeze, can you take the world by slight breeze?  Well, regardless a bit a good karma never hurt anyone and if playing a cyborg nurse for a student film isn’t good for my karma, I don’t know what is.  Cyborg nurse, a truly inspired 2 lines! Beep-boop-beep = Rave reviews and film festivals in cyborg-ese.

The Not-so-silent Nurse

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