I Accidentally Called My Hubby Danny DeVito

Now, now I know what you’re saying….WTF! I mean how is that possible? How can you mistake one for the other? Well it’s easy: (Please just go with me on this one, otherwise I am going to be in a lot of trouble)

My Hubby has a doppelganger, not in the typical sense of the word, but a doppelganger none the less. This man is the personality mirror of my Hubby (notice the capital, and by association the importance). They like the same things the same amounts. They talk about the same things just as much, if they were to battle, it would never end as they are equal. Here’s where I get into trouble… After 2 beers I attempt to assimilate the two boys like twins, and further to my chagrin, as the 1988 hijinks classic Twins, assigning Schwarzenegger to the doppleganger and DeVito to my husband, in hindsight, not the most diplomatic choice, although if they were remaking the movie and both men were auditioning I would assign them as such. My Hubby jumping to the understandable conclusion that DeVito was the lessor twin, which I adamantly contest and still do. Schwarzenegger/DeVito is a delicate balance of ying and yang, one cannot exist without the other but both are truly unique.

Let’s talk Schwarzenegger/DeVito pro-cons:
1. Schwarzenegger was governor of California- yeah yippy skippy, a figure head really
2. Schwarzenegger was Mr. Universe- yeah but only for his body in 1967
3. Married 25 years to Maria Shriver, still couldn’t keep it in his pants.
4. Oh and I am gonna guess on his way to broke, now not real life broke, but famous person broke.

1. DeVito has an Emmy a Golden Globe, a thriving career and production company
2. Married 30 years to Rhea Pearlman and still married…

I guess you get my drift honey, Hubby, love of my life, I would rather be married to a DeVito any day of the week. And I am glad you are my Danny. 🙂

I Accidentally Called My Hubby Danny DeVito

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