My Danny DeVito is More Like Rock Hudson

When I first met Hubby I thought he was cute. He was a dude with a Hobbit haircut and a full beard. But his coffee habit had him drinking 6 cups a day. He was an aspiring actor that worked at a video store. Lived in 390 sq ft with a cat- to whom I was allergic. What was I getting myself into? But the Magic 8 ball said ‘Signs point to yes ‘. 

The first time we met was Halloween. Him: Borat Me: Robert Goulet. Now, there were a lot of sexy ladies at this party. Sexy librarian, Sexy Red Riding Hood, Sexy cat and a Kissing booth to name a few. I on the other hand was dressed in a brown polyester leisure suit with a pink buttoned up ruffle tuxedo shirt , brown comb over wig and bushy mustache. Neither of us broke character all night. Him: I like-ah do it to a sexy lady Me: Ladadi Dada. As he was leaving he asked the host about me, who didn’t give up any details. I guess I made an impression because it was 2 months until I saw him again…but he liked me right away-again.

On the night we really met; he played footsie with me under the table. Walking with me out in the glimmering snowflakes and kissing me in the blue light in front of the Travel Lodge. I like having a romantic sweet story. When we first started dating Hubby would stare at me with a goofy, pie eyed grin on his face. Almost like he was surprised that we were spending time together. I would tell him “There are days..” and he would smile not knowing what I meant. Well, I meant, there are days that I loved him right from the start. And my love keeps growing.

 He was cute then…But he keeps getting cuter. It’s ridiculous. He was a fuzzy mountain man with a full beard and poofy hair. Now he has a dapper short tight hair cut- greased up and rocking his ears. Almost kiss curl style. His baby smooth face is great for kissing. He’s become a rock star who cooks and cleans and takes care of me the way a real man takes care of the woman he loves. And the one day he’s not home I am. And I am laying on the couch wishing he was here, but he’s not. So instead I am forcing my Puppa-Tink to snuggle with me while watching Rock Hudson kiss Mary Poppins. I was excited to be getting married. But I never expected to be this happily married to Danny DeVito, the Commissioner and my Hubby. It’s like Threes Company- but I think I’m Mrs. Roper:)

My Danny DeVito is More Like Rock Hudson

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