Something Old and Shiny

There is nothing new. You know how people say that? It’s all just recycled versions of a joke that was already punched, an idea that was already patented. It’s all been done before. Which for a creative person hurts my feelings and my chances. How can I break away if there will never be something new ever again. 

Often people hear my off hand remarks and ask: what’s that from? Offended I would say I just made it up. My interrogator squinting in disbelief, scrolling through their witty bank, searching for inaccuracies. But I’ll stick to my creative guns. I would be amiss to say I have no inspiration. That I am museless. Or even uninfluenced by my environment, my interests or tastes. All of which I am and do and are and want to be. Creating something special or even just a hint of it is a daily goal. Something every creative person should strive for. I’m not saying that every night is a night to write a song about or a game changer. But I’m thankful for the nights that are. 

So, if everything has been done, what’s left to do? The only thing left is for me is to do, is do it. The only way for me to change it is to do it uniquely. Meliciously. Not like Frankie, not like Usher. My Way. The only person who sees the world the way you do is: wait for it: you. And the only person who can do things with that oh so special Meliciousness? Well, that’s me. So, I guess that’s where we creative folk find ourselves. Does the attempt to be brave and bold make us creative? Not necessarily, but there is the undying notion that everything old can be new again. And I am just the vintage lady to find that tarnished treasure, shine it up real pretty and present it with new life. Oh yeah, and sell it to you at a much higher price, of course.

Something Old and Shiny

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