The Soap Dish that Changed Everything

Okay, okay, so this is gonna sound crazy, but it’s a true story. Two Novembers ago I found myself shopping for no reason in a store that was way too expensive. Sometimes the urge to soothe the self-loathing Sundays with retail therapy overtakes and I am powerless against her demands. So, recognizing I wasn’t purchasing something of purpose, I was merely filling the gap, I took it down a notch. After perusing the mounted deer head painted white and the ironically scratchy sweaters, I stumbled across a teeny $12 motivational soap dish. Huh, it was the cheapest thing in the whole store so I bought it. Proudly purchasing my soap dish I was happy also extremely happy I had put make-up on and was wearing my vintage glasses since unwittingly, I’d landed smack-bang in hipster haven. Swinging my brown paper bag out of this teeny boutique, I remember forgetting what I’d even bought until I unwrapped it at home. A motivational moment each time I wash my hands. A single solitary action and meditation matched in the single serving size of washing your hands. Didn’t seem like anything so special, until I realized it was.

Having a motto, a plan, a strategy, a safe word. Affirming yourself. Every self help Schmoe hosting a weekend seminar is spewing catch phrases to live happily. People are begging to be happy. People are blogging to be happy. There are groups of people who don’t know how to be happy. People fighting for the joy they were banking on. Multitudes of folks who don’t know how to be themselves and need to be taught by a stranger. When will we understand why these people wanting so badly to be happy can’t be? When does sadness become a national health concern? The one thing they’ve got going for them is they know they can be better, happier and they hope to be saner. Ah, hope, happiness and sanity: the trifecta.

There’s a reason that self help is so popular. You are just the right self to help you out. But flip a coin and I agree the mumbo jumbo is no bull. Knowing that each time I wash my hands I affirm myself. I pledge to lead by example. To be brave and true. That’s a big assignment. That’s a lot to ask of myself but the soap dish commands it. It continues to demand excellence. Every day my soap dish holds me accountable. My superficial purchase that was to be devoid of meaning actually became the mantra behind my initiative to change. Of course there were other factors: thank you Momma, Papa B, Hubby, BFF, Bucy & Bean for all your support and snuggles. But honestly, I think it really was the soap dish:)

The Soap Dish that Changed Everything

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