Melicious the Hopeful Stress Slayer

Ah, stress, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. Oh wait, there’s a gazillions ways I hate you. For all the reasons I can think of, including but not limited to: My neck seizing. The tactical targeting of my immune system. Dotting my face with breakouts. Sweating- profuse amounts of sweating. Trouble sleeping. My short temper. I am snappy. I don’t like anything about myself or anyone else for that matter. My tolerance and patience is zip! Then there’s the stress eating, which just makes me feel worse about the rest of these shenanigans. So, I decided to take a deep breathe, a yoga class, a long walk and a nap…you know, just to see how the Stress with a capital S reacted.

Well, Stress isn’t stupid and it’s oddly patient. Avoidance doesn’t equal Stress-execution. Stress waits, while I am hovering in warrior pose. I awake from my nap to find it staring me in the face. Stress is a Siamese twin joined to me at the heart. Stress you persistent eh-hole (this stress is very Canadian;)) you just won’t leave me alone. So, deep breath, I pick up my blog and write a letter to stress:

I do not accept you. The way you make me feel and the way you steal my energy for things I should be psyched about. Every time you tag along I feel like I could puke or punch someone out or cry. How do you expect to make friends if you treat everyone like this way? Wouldn’t you rather be enthusiasm? Or perhaps butterflies? If you would like to explore alternate careers, please let me know and we can talk it out.
PS You’ve made my butt look fat in these pants- what’s your plan for that?

Dropping this letter sealed with a kiss into the Universal mail box, I hope Stress gets the jist. But like any courier UMS is hit or miss. As for me; I will continue to encourage myself to grow, participate, put myself out there. The more I act like the person I want to be; the easier it is to be that person. Slowly, but surely I have begun to realize the things I was stressing over might not be so bad. The fear of failure was stressing me out- but the need to express myself and live regret free is a way bigger win, well worth the stress. Change is stressful, but it’s something I can handle. I’ll just catch Stress, then quarantine it, rehabilitate it and release it back into the wild. Otherwise let’s hope all Stress needed was a strongly worded letter.

Melicious the Hopeful Stress Slayer

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