The Starving Artist: Chapter 18: Diary of a Hand Model

Recently, I fell hands first into a new avenue of my acting career. There is no training course, no manual, I am on my own- to make it up as I go. Now, this position is by no means a full-time job, but it’s paying a bill. To clarify there was never a thought in my mind that show biz was sane or sensical. But this, this is a kicker. My new position in the industry is from the elbow down. Yes, yes, it’s true I have become a hand model.

About 3 months ago Hubby and I watched a video about a woman who hasn’t done dishes, laundry or any other household chore in over 10 years. She wears gloves all day everyday and has someone pick her up, drop her off and open all doors- to protect her hands. She claims they haven’t seen daylight in over 6 years. She makes six figures a year. She was a jerk. If you’d asked me then I would’ve said hand models are almost worse than…well, body models. Who tend to be hungry but fun. So, now that I’ve got a few hand jobs under my belt (pun intended) how do I feel about it? Well, it’s weird that people make a living at this. I arrive on set- “I’m the hands.” then I am shuffled to a dark corner, given a hand makeover and told to wait. It’s flat-out weird. ‘What do you do for a living?’ “Oh me? I hold the spoon in the cereal commercial and caress my smooth hands in the dish soap ad.” Typical day at the office.

People on set compliment my hands, then chastise themselves, saying of course she’s got nice hands…I mean people, she’s the hands. All 10 fingers, yippee skippy- let’s write her a cheque. They also assume it is my main form of income. As if there are only a talented few who could do such a high stress job. My biggest issue is the work I am offered in my creative field is for 2 things I don’t have any control over and the talents I’ve been working so very hard to improve? Well, they don’t rate. Typical. Someone’s grandpa (I’m sure) is fond of saying: “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” I say, this job is more like a gift llama, and it spits;) But as long as these handy little jobs keep heading my way, I will take their money in my ‘beautiful’ hand and run. Though it may seem a little premature, I thought I would plan my award speech for most outstandingly accomplished hands: “I want to thank genetics for giving me the talent of having hands. I want to thank myself for never breaking a bone and my…. Oh wait that’s it. Who else…? Oh yeah, gloves. That is all.”

The Starving Artist: Chapter 18: Diary of a Hand Model

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