I Heart Danny DeVito

My love for Danny Devito has been well documented. It is a cross my heart admiration for someone who has never let obstacles get in his way, no matter how tall they may seem. The love sprouted when after a few beers in the summer sunshine when I called my Hubby- the Danny DeVito to his west coast doppelgänger. Hubby being the easily offended narcissist he is (at times….well, most of the time) was as per usual- offended. Realizing my breath was so bad because my foot was in my mouth, I back-pedalled. Squealing tires, reckless driving back-pedalled. But wait… Compared to Arnie, Danny is the better real life twin. Granted DeVito has never been governor of California, but he has never publicly denied the possibility. So, today dearies, I want to celebrate the Man, the Maniac and the Miniature that is Danny DeVito.

Twins- Vincent Benedict
Science developed the perfect specimen and you were the leftovers. But like all good buddy flicks we knew that there can’t be good without bad. That muscles and sincerity weren’t gonna help you cross country and meet your mother. Of course, the little green eyed monster appears, but who can live up to Mr. Universe? Lets be honest, who would want to? The good guy never gets his hands dirty and you can find all sorts of neat things in the dirt…or under the bridge, which brings us to:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Frank Reynolds
The dirty, cheap, freaky, frolicking roommate and former father figure, teaching the world’s worst school of hard knock lessons to a begrudging bunch of 30 somethings. Definitely not a diddler. Turning trash into, well, still trash, but renaming it. Digging filth gems out from underneath bridges and lying. Just flat out lying, manipulating and scheming, for the greater good…his own. Speaking of greater good:

The Lorax
First- wicked moustache! The hair and makeup department did a great job, you were almost unrecognizable. The world of Seuss is a perfect fit. Tall or short, you are who you are, and as long as you dream, well then, you can go far! As guardian of the trees and friends to animals great and small you were nice to children. Which you weren’t always as:

The Penguin in Batman Returns
Growing up an orphan raised by the penguins at the Gotham zoo, you were bound to hold a grudge against the parents who abandoned you. The icy green blood flowing through your flippered fins scaring everyone but circus folk. Truly a tragic tale, but I would like to remind you, Batman is also an orphan. So, I think you could have made better choices, that’s all I’m saying.

& to all the other gruff sidekick/hoodlum/nut/sleaze balls in almost anything shot since 1971
You rock. You make me laugh. I love it. All that bravery, tenacity and creativity, wrapped in such a small growling, frothing and underrated package. So, in conclusion:

Dear Danny,
Keep on rocking.

Happy FriYay!

I Heart Danny DeVito

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