Technology my Beautiful Nemisis

My legs hurt from pushing myself at yoga. It’s grey outside. And all this so-called convenient technology isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Now some of that is my fault cuz I am clumsy. But even my watch stopped working. I am starting to think I was struck by lightning. The big problems though are because of MX, DNS, Nameservers and Pointer URLs. Which is really tech talk for: “We don’t want anyone to know what we’re talking about and pig Latin is so passé.”

You may remember a few months ago the beloved myPhone went for an unplanned swim in a bar bathroom. As I cradled and prayed for its full recovery I made a deal. I couldn’t afford to buy a new one but if it could just please, please, please, come back to me. I’d give anything. Well, the cost of raising the dead is always the same. They are never who they were when they died. They are something else. Something unholy. As I began to realize myPhone was becoming a scrolling no WIFI, power surging zombie receiving emails from 1969, I decided it was time to visit the myApple store to request an exorcism. Well, the next available appointment is the 32nd of Septnever. So, I am destined to spend the rest of my days with the curse of the undead myPhone.

My website transfer has mutated into an ongoing switch of links, late nights and short-tempered tech ‘support’. None of them understanding that I don’t want to be able to operate the space station, I just want my blog address to send and receive emails. It’s supposed to be easy. The landing page for this service provider has a relaxed looking girl leaning against a list of check marked items. Easy! Safe! Fun! No Hassles- c’mon! Don’t be fooled. It’s not as easy as she’s pretending it is. Also make sure you get signed up with one that is capable of handling a growing entity. Cuz it’s hard to switch horses midstream. It messy, grumpy and not recommended.

Oh and did I mention I do all this tech wrestling for free, no wait I pay. Just to have a daily blog, floating around in the ether being read by some days 50 and some days 5 people. *Insert head explosion. sigh. But as Hubby and I agree. We do this for the love. For the feeling we get doing it. That’s what a creative person does. It just sucks that for me there is so much anti-creative techno blarf that I don’t understand. It would be so much fun to pass out hard copy blogs with coloured staples and pretty cover pages, but I guess the subscriptions would be pretty expensive. And where would you post your likes? Get it?!? Mail? Post? Ha! At least I have my sense of hum*ERROR 406

P.S. This is the second time I wrote this blog as the first copy didn’t save.

Technology my Beautiful Nemisis

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