The Starving Artist: Chapter 20: The Art of Organization

Last evening marked my graduation from level 2 Ukeology. A course I have been taking to polish up my strumming skills. As the class finished I approached my favourite teacher and asked if she would like to celebrate with a drink; conveniently Hubby was hosting karaoke just up the street. Settling into the warm and dimly lit bar, we fell easily into conversation. Most of it circling around the Bridge brothers and my nearly perverse affection for Steve Martin. But the topics that were the most stimulating were our matching set of ideal workspaces- a cabin in the woods, our love of learning and our problem with time management. Typical of the creative spirit.

Now, I have heard men likened to waffles and women to spaghetti. An implication that one compartmentalizes while the other slithers, piles and knots… My suggestion is that the creative brain is similar to spaghetti, when it should be waffles. My new Gym Friend (heretofore know as GFF) is married to an organizational therapist; which I didn’t know existed but am glad to know there might be a therapist who could help me with my little problem. While explaining to her my scheduling difficulties GFF gave an interesting suggestion. Capsules of time. Instead of forcing an hour of each activity every day, perhaps I attempt to take 15 min bites. Unless of course creative juices are flowing and I am stimulated to continue on. The implication is that if the energy isn’t flowing, I can move on and have the chance to go back to it later, instead of punishing myself with an hour of unproductive efforts wasted. By foraging ahead our mind remains active, without the frustration of being stuck in the spaghetti, if you know what I mean.

There is one complaint I hear universally, it’s that there aren’t enough hours in the day. No time, I’m late, sleepy, sooo busy. Each one of us is given the same amount of daylight hours. How we choose to spend those hours in relation to our goals is up to us. Work, life and all the bits and bobs that come with it need attention of course. But perhaps you have pockets of wasted time- learn a language on your commute, listen to an audio book or motivational track. Maybe you could use your time more effectively with a list or alerts, notifying you of your progress. Nothing feels better than checking off a list. The hardest part of the creative process is pinpointing your goals and organizing yourself accordingly. Blog for today- check. Onto the next thing….aww why is it always laundry?

PS Teach, whenever you want to lease that cabin, I am in, we’ll take our ukes and the Fab Baker Boys.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 20: The Art of Organization

One thought on “The Starving Artist: Chapter 20: The Art of Organization

  1. Ahhhh…..words of wisdom from The Silent Show-off of my class….(the one at the back, quietly excelling, drawing zero attention, unassumingly nailing the challenging bits before everyone else….my A-student…) I promise to hold on to this piece of wisdom from GFF, and I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, in one of those 15 minute slots, let’s investigate cabins. I’m so up for it. Imagine.

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