I’m a Dog Person Who’s More Like a Cat

After a full day of laundry I realized I had cleaned out the lint trap 5 times. That doesn’t include the many times I cleaned out the ceiling vent trap and/or vacuumed the screens. The fur could’ve been crocheted into one of those creepy life-sized fur dolls. Which I will say again is creepy and every-time I see one makes me itchy. This borderline OC-De-furing did however spark the thought. Living with Hubby, Jilly and Lucy means dealing with many hair-brained personality types. How do I fit into this family puzzle? Who am I?

Cats rule and dogs drool. That statement is both opinion and fact, tough to argue against. The kitty in me loves everything on my terms. A big fan of falling asleep in a sun spot. Stretching. The high standard to which they primp themselves takes dedication and constant maintenance. The puss really knows how to spend time whiling away the hours. Plus they can tuck themselves into hidden nooks for some much-needed alone time. On the other hand it’s a Dog’s life. Everything about Jilly drives me equal parts crazy and deeper in love with her. Our shared enthusiasm for seeing people we love. The way we both hate the sharp stinging rain. The way we can both fall asleep anywhere, anytime if conditions are right…and even when they’re not. Then there is our shared enthusiasm for solving a mystery, though her mysteries typically deal with things quite low to the ground. Somehow, though neither seems like a perfect fit.

Throughout my life I have had people try to figure me out. Teachers, babysitters, boyfriends and bosses, though none of them ever wanted to put the effort forward to actually get to know me. Sure, There are kitty and puppy parts for sure, but there is also meerkat, lemur, pig, monkey, badger and baby hippopotamus. But, no one was interested in how all these animals fit together. Hubby was one of the first people, besides my ‘Rents who wanted me to be all the beasts that are a part of me. Who I am doesn’t scare him, or make him want to change me into something else. Adopting bravery as a mantra. I stopped hiding myselves. As soon as that happened, I started attracting other hybrids. People who were figuring out that being a little bit of the things they love was better than being a lot of something they didn’t. So, my chimera, hippocamp, griffin, and mermaid friends, we are more than the sum of our parts. Even if some people don’t believe we exist.

I’m a Dog Person Who’s More Like a Cat

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