The Starving Artist: Chapter 21: February Blah to AH!

There was a snow storm extreme winter warning this past Friday. It came after a few days of truly cold, sunless soul crushing Canadian weather. Needless to say it was uncomfortable slash unwelcome slash unrelenting. When none of the ground hogs saw their dreaded shadow I told myself that there wouldn’t be much more of this winter to deal with. Am I a pansy? yes. Am I spoiled by the at mostly moderate winters we’ve had in the past 3 years? Yuppers. Do I live to complain….well, maybe not live for it, but it’s nice to complain about external elements, diverting the focus from my own internal complaints. Plus how would we recognize a Torontonian if they didn’t complain about a few scattered flurries? That’s part of the contract each city dweller signs with their inflated lease. The problem I have; no matter how meek and mild the winter, no matter how prepared or preoccupied, I still get the February Blahs.

Throughout the month of January I am always proud of my kept resolutions and dismayed at the ones I’ve broken. Breathing a sigh of year end relief. Finally, there is time to spend catching up without the pressure of wearing an ugly sweater. It is a month for me to catch up, regroup and relaunch. Until the mid-month X-mas bills pour in. Having already forgotten all the fun I’d had during the month of December, I go into survival mode lock down. I start harping about being responsible with our money, as work is slow; it’s my creative dry season. Invitations for expensive dinners are rejigged to “why don’t I just make us macaroni?” nights. Movie nights turn into boardgame evenings. And every gratuitous cost slashed. The doors locked. Even the heat is turned down to save electricity. I try to use that imagination thing my Momma told me about when we couldn’t afford to do anything but dream. But a winter lock down equals short daylight hours, self pity and just the general all around and unabashed blahs.

The problem we snow belt Canadians struggle with is: How do I get my AH! back? Brace yourself for this: People. That’s the solution. Tall people, fencers, mini-me’s, arm wrestlers, puppy snugglers, brides to be, grumpy old men, cowgirls, the Commish- okay maybe not the Commish, but all those others and so many more. Kick starting the emotional and chemical reactions we so desperately need. Like Babs says: People who need people are the luckiest people in the world. Friendship is priceless but worth a snow plow’s worth of trouble. For those of you suffering from the February BLAHS! Hit the gym and hang with your GFF. Make friends with your neighbours. Get on the horn, old school style and schedule an overdue rendez vous. Post of FB that you need a grown up playdate. Or just yell from your balcony- guaranteed within earshot will be another lonely Feb-Blah sufferer who’ll want to make a new friend. That’s my suggestion. As for saving money, friends typically don’t send you a bill for their time, unless they’re a lawyer, but really who can be friends with a lawyer?

The Starving Artist: Chapter 21: February Blah to AH!

2 thoughts on “The Starving Artist: Chapter 21: February Blah to AH!

  1. GFF says:

    Big fan of the gym for getting the AH factor going again. And the best thing about the BV studio is that you get the workout high as well as the social aspect of hanging with the girls, and the pride of keeping any fitness resolutions leftover from January. Wins all around!

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