How Aiming for the Stars Keeps You Grounded

Are you a big dreamer? I am. For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of walking red carpets. Written my acceptance speeches for untold awards. Had fake conversations with Leno, Letterman and Kimmel. Each time I was engaging and amusing at least, though mostly I was brilliant. I have dreamt of spending time on tour buses. Playing shows in stadiums around the world. Sharing the stage with the greats and rocking the socks off millions of adoring fans. There have been hilarious visions of stand up comedy. Tear jerking moments of honesty. Poignant, life altering scenes. All this before getting out of bed. That’s the wonderful part about dreams: It’s all in your head and the sky is the limit.

Some people say a dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. I say those dreams are great; but what about the waking dreams that tickle the fancy and keep us creating? For as long as I can remember I have longed to reach higher heights. Stretching myself thin to be better, not the best, but you know, better than average. Aiming for the moon, so that I could at least end up among the stars. The thing I was forgetting; NASA is not a single man in a space suit, it’s a group of highly trained individuals that work together toward a common goal. If I had applied this analogy to the creative life earlier on I would have realized that all the little creative pieces need to work together.

Learning to juggle, pole dance, play ukulele, tell a joke all take work. It’s a constant effort to make them look effortless. This past year I have laid out a flight plan for my career. And after another year I am still nowhere near the final count down. Planning an intergalactic exploration is not something to be taken lightly. But I am starting to get impatient. Hubby says life isn’t a race; I agree. Though life can be viewed as a test of endurance, maybe even rigorous astronautical training. Sans centrifugal force machine, cuz that one makes me nauseated. I am fully equipped with a detailed pre-flight itinerary and a check list to success. I know that success is something that can’t be measured. Being successful is about how you feel and I feel good. Do I still long to dance with the stars, of course. I may only have red carpet invitations, award nominations or screaming audiences in my dreams but I’ve woken up with artistic tenacity, a success in itself. The great news is that, now that I’ve identified the members of the ground crew required to launch a successful mission, I am that much closer to lift off. And that much better at all the spacey adventures I’ve been training for. This is ground control to Major Melicious, we’re preparing for launch, please check your instruments…ukulele- check.

How Aiming for the Stars Keeps You Grounded

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