Valentine’s Day Revealed

Today is the day. The most important day for anyone who loves anyone, loves something or has ever loved anything ever. It’s VDay. This holiday gets a lot of flack from single people. It also gets flack from happily married people who celebrate love at least every other day. Then there’s the flack it gets for being a silly made up holiday that shouldn’t really matter but for some couples it’s super important. Don’t get me wrong, I love reasons to celebrate anything. I am a big fan of Holidays. To be honest it would be nice to have a day off in February. But I guess that’s why we get Family Day.

Valentine’s day is supposed to be a quick winter reminder for people who’ve forgotten the little things that make love so special. It could be so easy to save romance for one day a year. Trust me the jogging pants and ponytailed me would have no problem with that. The thing is that cupids, hearts, glitter and flowers aren’t the things that prove love to me. My Hubby proves his love everyday, almost. I mean I know that everyday he loves me, but somedays I am not even sure he likes me. I am not even sure I like me. This is cuz I am a coo-coo-nutsy on occasion. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not always a walk in the park. But I know that his variety of crazy is one I can handle. One that I will fight for. His crazy is the crazy that I love.

Love for me is the way Hubby finds what I am looking for when it’s right before my eyes. It’s the way we fight. Cleanly. Our love is weird and wonderful. It’s the way we know what we need and try to achieve it together. Love is how he loves me with Spanx and without. It’s the way he looks at me when I am day dreaming. Marriage has been a short street for us thus far, but the road map has lots of interchanges and expressways in the future. Even though the idea of one day to celebrate love is stupid, it is a nice reminder for people who don’t celebrate anything. So, as I sit down to my over priced meal tonight with my loving Hubby, after receiving my flowers, oversized pink, red and glitter coated card and fingers crossed something sparkly, I will look around and hope that all the couples around us are even 10% as lucky in love. Well, on that sappy note, tomorrow is one of my favourite days all year, and I will enjoy buying half priced chocolate. Take that VDay marketing.

Valentine’s Day Revealed

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