Waking Up Angry And How It’s A Good Thing

You know that feeling of waking up angry. It could be because you didn’t sleep well. It could be you dreamed horrible dreams. It could be for no reason at all. You are tired before getting out of bed. You get that feeling the weather is mimicking your discomfort. Cloudy and Eeyore all over. No matter what anybody says you feel like snapping and going postal on a cheesecake. And the only thing that can cure you is a ’80s rom-com wrapped up in a blanket with the shades drawn. If it wouldn’t get him in a heap o’trouble my Hubby might say it’s hormonal. Is he right? Well that’s between me and my pint of ice cream. I know, I know, I don’t want to keep venting: this is supposed to be fun. But I don’t feel fun.

What do we do to keep ourselves happy when the only feelings left in our tickle trunk are anything but? I mean I am having a great time, other than the whole unemployed thing… I am exercising, eating right, writing, uke-ing, hula hooping, you name it, if it’s fun I am doing it. But sometimes that extra over the top fun runs out. Like a battery it needs to charge. I think that’s the reason we have other emotions… How would we know what happy is if there was nothing to compare it to? It would be impossible not to take happiness for granted if it was all we were. So, feeling down in the dumps, mouth, or boondocks can actually be helpful if you think about it.

Recently, I have heard people saying, “It’s not like I have anything to be unhappy about.” And I know they are trying to recognize their lives aren’t as bad as they could be, but nothing to be unhappy about and happy are two very different things. For a long time I thought the ability to see on the bright side was something everyone had. Well, not so, take for example Debbie Downer or Worse-Case Scenario Sally, they never see the bright side. They don’t even know what it is, except that by the sound of it, it could be dangerous. Happiness can come from the most unlikely places, even when you’re not feeling open to it. It will find you if you let it. Just keep your eyes peeled. As those well-known British Snakes said; Always look on the bright side of life. As for me and my ‘mones, we’ll take a pint of Half Baked, Date with an Angel and a handmade quilt. Just until the sun comes out tomorrow, on that you can bet your bottom dollar:)

Waking Up Angry And How It’s A Good Thing

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