20 Things Everyone Should Know About A Smile:)

1. People take them very seriously.

2. Nobody thinks you’re listening cuz you look happy.  And apparently happy people don’t listen.

3. Endorphins baby. I finally get what Carrie Fisher means in Drop Dead Fred.

4. There are songs written about them that don’t make you feel like smiling.

5. Sometimes when a smile feels furthest away we can’t help but laugh.

6.  There are studies that exist proving it’s fun.

7.  Why the heck wouldn’t ya?

8.  If smiles were a colour they would be that bright orange flicker behind closed eyes on a sunny day.

9. Smiles are used by both Heroes and Villains.

10. Secret smiles can be dangerous.

11. A dog wags it’s tail and a cat purrs. I think they are trying to communicate something and it sounds smiley.

12. Pictures are always better with a smile.

13. We don’t really have to grin and bear it. Sometimes it’s okay to cry.

14. It’s a great gift for anyone, anytime.

15.  Smashed, broken and crooked a smile always works.

16. It stands to reason that stretching and strengthening the face would be just as important as the rump.

17. You’re never fully dressed without one.

18. They are an international language.

19. It is a frown upside down.

20. They are contagious and should be spread.

Hope you find many, many times to smile today.

~With a wink and a smile.


20 Things Everyone Should Know About A Smile:)

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