I’ll Take That Bet OR The Motivational Fridge

The Motivational Fridge? What on earth could that be? Well, take a look and I’ll break it down.


There is my pool schedule where I swim laps irregularly. Coupons for Booster Juice. My monthly schedule for Brass Vixens– the super sexy mostly girls gym I have with which I’ve become obsessed. Above that is the 2 for 1 passes I have been trying to get BFF, Tambourine and everyone else to take me up on. There’s a cute Marilyn Monroe magnet. Then there is the calendar I got from BFF for X-Mas. It’s a Princess calendar. If you take a closer look you’ll see shiny silver X’s- 6 of them starting the day after Valentine’s Day. Let’s talk about those teeny little X’s and why they are greater than they look.

I took myself up on a Challenge to Hoop 30 minutes for 30 days. Everyday I’ve been moving furniture. Making room for a spinning sparkly hula hoop. It’s pink and blue and white and another kinda pink and it matches my new schmancy running shoes. (The rest of the workout wardrobe could be better, but baby hoops you know?) Then I begin, the timer ticking down the minutes. I shift my stance every 5 mins or so, switching directions every 20 rings. Squatting and posing. Working up an appetite and building up my confidence. Sadly, tricks are not possible in my itty bitty condo space. So, if I feel like I need to stretch this mother out, I head to the studio. Hooping with my fellow hoopers (not really a word, but it has an implied meaning), trying out throws and spins and throwing spins and arm hooping. We hoop for closer to an hour, I am pretty sure we laughed the whole time, which is excellent added core work out.

Having upped my exercise routine in the recent month, I am at the gym 6 days a week, for many hours and many classes. I am bruised and strained. Stretched and sore. It’s possible that I may be pushing myself because I don’t want this precious free time to be wasted. I want to use this time to do all the things I gripe about not having time to do. There was a time not so long ago I was home from work less than 8 hours at a time. Hubby is nervous I am going to burn out. He thinks I should be taking this time for myself…but I’m not sure there is a better way than to ambush my lazy self with a new way of thinking. And everyone seems to like the changes so far.

But let’s talk seriously, what’s my long-term goal? Well, I am hoping to get good enough at hooping that I can play uke at the same time. That would be amazing! Or not, I’ll let you decide.

PS I know there should be 7 X’s but I took this photo a day earlier….CONTINUITY! dang.

I’ll Take That Bet OR The Motivational Fridge

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