The Starving Artist: Chapter 23: And The Oscar Goes To…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the over hyped uber-political awards recognizing exactly who we expect…blah blah blah…snarf. Say what you want but I freaking love The Oscars! And for the last few years I’ve had an Oscar tradition. Over priced delivery that takes way too long in a cheap room at a fancy hotel with my favorite movie buffs- Momma, Hubby and usually BFF. This year there was only 3 of us, but I could feel BFF over the airwaves and through little birdies. After ordering Indian and waiting 90 minutes we sent back the oil soaked soggy cold delicious smelling dinner. Chasing the delivery man down the hall. Well, the Commish sent it back, cuz lucky Momma and Me had the pleasure of his company. For an hour we watched the pretty dresses parade down the pink carpet, compliment each-other and smile with tears in their excited eyes. Oh Baby, I was ready. After reordering dinner and waiting 35 minutes we tucked into eating just to realize the big event was half way through. How could that be? We’d only just begun to laugh, toe tap and celebrate the winners. This year I learned a few things from the Oscars, which I’d like to share.

Things I learned at this year’s Oscars:
Everybody falls down once in a while
Picking yourself up is the most important part of trying
Being acknowledged means more than words can say
Words are written and songs are sung but when they’re done just right, they become magic
and nobody does it better than Babs.

Hubby and I try to watch all the features nominated. Docs, animated and fiction, we live through the eyes, ears and dreams of the film makers. Our group votes every year. This year I voted with my heart. Getting flack for not playing the game. I submitted my optimistic votes. Choosing people, movies and music I hoped would win. I didn’t win. I scored lowest. A sad day for the artist who hopes that one day the ones who really deserve it will win. All in all my favourite things? 1. This year’s theme: Tribute to music in movies! Hell ya. Music gives a movie it’s soul. Musicals are the only place where breaking into song is encouraged; we need more of that. 2. Motivational Michelle Obama, trying to beat out Jackie Kennedy for Favourite First Lady. Plus her smoking silver number. And 3. When the Von Trapp Family singers made their courageous escape. Knowing they are finally free is a huge weight of my mind. Complaints: They were too fast, with too few musical numbers and not nearly enough songs made up with the nominees names integrated. Seth, I could have danced all night. But I guess that’s the problem when the academy runs on time, it’s over too fast. And we’d never hear the Jaws theme stalk another winner offstage.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 23: And The Oscar Goes To…

3 thoughts on “The Starving Artist: Chapter 23: And The Oscar Goes To…

  1. BFF says:

    I think my favourite moment was Seth and Sally. Yes, I really do like her. I love that she, like everyone else, knew that Anne Hathaway would win, showing she could have some fun with the predictability of the Oscars.

    My second favourite moment was the glimpse we got of Hugh Jackman coming to Jennifer Lawrence’s rescue when she tripped. He’s perfect. In every way, he’s perfect.

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