My Nice Problem

I have a nice problem. I don’t mean it’s a friendly sweet little problem. I mean I have a problem with how nice I am. I put everyone else’s needs before myself, regardless of their relevance. I step in snow for strangers in the street, only to get splashed by passing cars. I open doors with a smile only to be shuffled past without gratitude. I give change to thankless street people, who act entitled to my money. These people use up my nicety. Squandering it as though the supply were endless. As though they deserved being treated well, without being nice in return. My nice problem is, if nice isn’t re-gifted to me I’m left with none. Nothing left over for the important people who deserve the nicest me.

BFF and I are a cute duo, and we’re nice. Most people respond well to this. Thanking us for being polite and then taking the hint. As most of our conversations are engaging and involved and whispered in hushed tones with laughter outbursts. Plus we’re both happily married and extremely happy with our circle of friends. But there are people who can’t just finish at nice. They keep pushing for something more. Confusing nice for interest. And when we try to clear the air, we’re the bad guys. These lonely strangers trying to convince us that they are great, they deserve our attention, they are valuable. And I am sure that’s the case (if only to themselves;) however after their 7th drink while struggling through slurred conversation my patience is short. I’m no longer interested in being nice, and feel like I’ve wasted the nice I’ve already given them. C’mon why do they make us get mean? Why can’t we just stop at nice? Les sighes.

Admittedly, I like being the nice guy, the good cop, Princess Pleasant, the patron saint of lovely. There is no way I could save up all the nice that fills me to my bones. Smothering it. Eventually I’d need to release the pleasant pressure valve. Shooting hot steamy niceness everywhere. Have you ever seen someone burned by nice? It’s a hideous sight. What to do? *insert sigh of defeat. Dang it people. Even though they may not always deserve it, I don’t see myself withholding nice from the general populace anytime soon. But it would be a nice change to have a stranger be nice back. So, if you see me holding the door or sharing the sidewalk, give me a wink would ya? I think that would be real nice;)

My Nice Problem

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