Poetry Slam Fri-Yay!

Goodbye February; dark and blah
Can’t say I’m sad to see you go
Cuz March is here, time for sunshine cheer
And soon beers on a patio

Oh my early spring time warning
with daylight way past four
It’s strange to think winter’s almost over
but now I see I’ve missed you even more

Oh how, I’ve missed your sunscreen,
smells of coconuts and beach
I’ve missed out on exploration
Oh Springtime I beseech.

Remind me of those sunny days
On blankets in the park
With cherry blossoms all around
Long evenings without dark

I’ve been curled up on the couch
wrapped in blankets, tied up tight
I hibernated all winter long
Against the wind I could not fight

This winter weather has been hit or miss
With little for complaints
So why am I so dang excited
to be free of it’s constraints?

Oh wait, I know, I’ve found the truth
My summer hair and smiling youth.
I’ve missed them both so very much
So, Miss March you’re like vermouth
In my happy spring martini
I love every little teeny weeny
Sprig of sunshine bursting through
And I will drink to that, so here’s to you!

Poetry Slam Fri-Yay!

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