The Starving Artist: Chapter 24: Vacation Evacuation

Then all of a sudden there was this moment… It’s Sunday night, when I realized I’d been home for 4 hours and just finished dinner and still hadn’t written my blog or unpacked. It was that unwelcome wake up call from an unexpected mini break. Spending 3 flat light days at the base of a windy Ontario mountain. Living it up with fancy boots and matching winter wear. Living the mountain lifestyle of go hard and go all day. Until we were driving back through snow-covered hills and tree covered valleys, leaving the cottage country behind… Already. This trip is what I’d like to start calling a holiday. As in; We like to go on holiday. Or We holiday by the bay. Possibly using a haughty British accent. Well, this holiday was just what the doctor ordered.

I was not on the original list of attendees. I can admit that. I wasn’t in the first round draft. Hubby having to rush pack a bag for me and throw it in to a car already on its way up to meet me. Taking on the job of transforming this disappointment to an amazing impromptu plan as fourth string invitee. This weekend included. The fire alarm vandalization forcing late night evacuation. The handsy man with the Bruce Jenner wig. The bachelorette who wanted to pick a fight as a celebration of love. The cheerful cougar who’s buddy slipped on the ice and threaten to sue. The strange couple making out and think that everybody wants them to circle 2nd base. The strange late night photo shoot with set decoration. And yawning.

Now, just as suddenly I was coming down from a holiday in ski country. My ears popping. The glaring lack of sleep. The laughter. The very rich foods and various alcoholic beverages and very few tall icy glasses of pure spring water. The late night dancing and spilling of everything. That’s what a girl’s weekend is all about. These girls got into trouble. Now, we handled the trouble as mature respectful women would, mostly. But it was still fun to raise a little hell. The first night lying low with high hopes of early adventure in the morning. Well, the stimulating conversation went on ’til the wee hours. Releasing the pressures of daily life. Joking about things that scared us and realizing they’re not so bad. It was group therapy decoyed as a social outing. People wishing to be sane make some pretty great friends. Am I happy to be home, of course. Could I have used another 7 days? Seven days and a pair of flip flops. Also, as far as I know there is no such thing as being on holiday too long. So, sitting here writing my blog with a bloated belly and a sugar hangover, I look up only to to the ceiling with a sigh. The next wake up call is from my hula hoop. I’ve missed my Hula hoop challenge for the last 2 days, so I’ve got some spinning to do. Well, I guess it’s back to the daily grind… Sounds really tough. Hula hoop and blog writing. The amazing part is how a little bit of life charges up the batteries of creativity. And this holiday weekend was jumper cables. Maybe next time we’ll even ski.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 24: Vacation Evacuation

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