The Starving Artist: Chapter 25: The Master’s List of Lists

The list is one of my favourite tools. I use it for organization, motivation, inspiration and to stave off boredom. The numbers running down the page imply importance. A countdown list, building up to impending launch. Some lists aren’t chronological, they’re simply a train of thought. A google-mapped list of logical steps towards the desired outcome. As for bullet lists, I find them challenging, attempting to tackle them at random without guidance. All in pursuit the much coveted stroke through, check mark or partial task completion revision. It’s cathartic. And I like cats

I have a list for everything. I make lists at work, for this blog and for fun. Writing down each idea as it comes to me. Lists have kept me as sane as I am, which may not speak so highly of lists, but my near-sanity is not entirely their fault. My life is a list of lists. My calendar is laid out as a list. Each event lined up with periodic alerts for upcoming special occasions. This little shift in viewing preferences has helped me be a better wifey, daughter and friend. It’s always ready to remind forgetful Melicious to be in front of the eight ball. Sending cards, FB notifications and attending parties with bells on. I have never had much to organize, though now it seems I am re-booting, relaunching and installing my latest updates endlessly. These life lists just keep getting longer.

Oh, and let us not forget the Bucket List. I have trouble with this one. For a long time it wasn’t a concrete list, just a series of blurry images that look like fun. Since BFF is a chronic list maker (she likes to quantify: First, second and third choices) I was assigned the Bucket List as homework. It took me days to compose. And that list keeps adding 2 items for every 1 completed. It may never be finished. There will never be an end to the list of things I want to do before I can no longer do things. This is the only time I’ll have to do them…right?

Your list can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. It’s up to you. But I tell you, there is nothing better than the feeling of beating the list and the clock, even if only partially. If we were being honest; I would admit I have added list items that were already completed just to check them off. But half of the fun is making the list. Learning what you think you need and feeling satisfied when it’s all checked off and done. The crumple & toss being the apex of list completion. The list is covered in scribbles, X’s and amendments, then there’s a wave of accomplishment. So, whether your list is an artistic road map, all your hopes, wish and dreams or itemized groceries; pat yourself on the back for being organized enough to write it down and determined enough to do it. Even if it is only one of many.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 25: The Master’s List of Lists

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