Be Your Own Super Hero

The trailer for Kick Ass 2 was released yesterday reminding me of 2 things. 1. How much I still love Jim Carrey. And 2. How each one of us needs to be our own super hero. We live in a time of technology and solitude. Each of us focused on our own lives, in doing so we forget how much we can affect the lives of others. I hear it in the voices of my loved ones, how desperately we are looking for a sign. A glimmer of hope that the things breaking us down can be fought and conquered. The powerless becoming the powerful. The 99% taking charge of our destinies. Strapping on a patch of solidarity and standing together for the greater good.

Some days seem like the big picture is just a blur of messy dots. When we stand too close to the problems it becomes harder to see the park with George, even if it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday.
Some heroes are born, but most are made. Tragedy is the inspiration for bravery. Altering the course of our journeys. But we can’t all be orphan billionaires or beautiful aliens. Even a scared little girl can stand up for what she believes is right. The hope of all heroes is that the world will be a better place because of them. Heroes are the only ones who can save us from the things we’re afraid of. But what do we do when our heroes lay dormant in comic books, movies and mythology? The responsibility falls to those who have shoulders strong enough to carry the burden.

Being a hero doesn’t mean fighting armies of darkness. Our weapons can be as simple as choosing to listen to someone who needs a friendly ear. Or going that extra mile for a good cause. Giving of yourself freely. It’s about fighting for truth, honour and justice. Everyday we are given opportunities to change the world we live in. Not every change is a big one. Being a hero means fighting for little things that make our daily grind, a little less grating. The hopeful voice inside me sings songs of kindness. Everyday hoping to wake up in the world all those myths promised. We are not a faceless seven billion, we are all unique and imaginative. We are strong, we just need to find the strength to prove ourselves. The mask you wear is the identity you choose. Choose well and choose to fight for goodness. The power is in you. Be the change you want to see in the world. Be a hero everyday. Unless you can be Jim Carrey, then definitely be Jim Carrey, that would be hilarious.

Be Your Own Super Hero

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