Sexually Offended…No, Outraged.

We’ve all heard that pre-school is the most important factor if your child is to have a successful life. The most obvious and sought after path to success is good preschool- good elementary school- great high school- Ivy League university- Porsche. Never mind if your kid isn’t learning, cuz failing them would harm their self esteem. Imagine a world where you were graded on your performance instead of your school’s prestige. Oh wait, I remember that world. Back when kids we’re measured and rewarded for their efforts and skill sets. I also remember that if you broke the law and hurt people, you would be punished, no matter how much promise you showed. Back when sociopathic behaviour spoke louder than the whispers of talent, self image and social acceptance.

If you have social media I’m sure you heard of the Stuebenville, Ohio football team, drugging and raping one of their classmates. But they were such promising athletes! Just ask CNN. Tragically, they’ve ruined their chances of scholarships, professional careers and eventually commentating. Whoa, wait! Are we really supposed to feel sorry for the rapists? What? What about the victim? She may not be a talented local football hero, but does that diminish her potential? Limit her value? What if she was the scientist who cures cancer? What if she is the teacher who figures out autism? Her great high school led her to such a dark place. And I for one am furious. When will we start teaching not to rape, instead of how to avoid getting raped?

It seems we’ve become a society of status quo-don’t rock the boat-mums the word- tolerators. It boggles my mind and breaks my heart to hear that these ‘good kids’ are doing such horrible things. No parent wants to believe their child is capable of participation in such tragic events. No mother wants to raise a rapist. No father hopes to cultivate a serial murderer. But that doesn’t mean that good kids aren’t making bad decisions. Yeah, yeah, yeah, peer pressure. But even the scrawny, socially awkward–acceptance-craving ninny should stand up for the rights of those who can’t. When will we stop hurting each other? When will we stop having the same battles? Waging the same wars against each other. When will being a better human be more important than a good preschool? Society needs to speak out against the injustices, both near and far. This is no way for a world to behave, especially around kids. And finally- what good is a Porsche if you can’t spell it?

Sexually Offended…No, Outraged.

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