Karmic Eyes Are Watching You

Ah, Karma, you are a slippery vixen. Just when I think I’ve gotten myself balanced, I tip the scales. Usually in the wrong direction. As soon as I’m on the right track, I derail myself. Sigh. Now, I consider myself an even-Steven-er-Stephanie…but there are days when my big fat mouth gets me into karmic debt. Yesterday, I came to realize that being funny and being mean aren’t that far apart. They are bunkmates at Camp Karma. Stacked on top each other, giggling all night and keeping the counsellors on their toes. Truth and daring each-other into trouble…Now, I don’t want to be the person who refuses a dare, but perhaps I shouldn’t let mean bully funny into being, well, mean. Thankfully, the target of my weakness seeking missile was unaware of the joke-plosion, but Karma, oh yeah she was watching, taking note and making plans for the swift return to balance.

Karma is a universal version of the grade school honour system… it’s that self-governing honesty. Simple concept, difficult application. On a daily basis I’ve used it in the school yard, at the dinner table and as a grown up- the workplace and my relationships. It’s used for finishing all your homework. When dodge balls whiz, we use it to call ourselves out. For keeping eyes closed without peeking. Only having one dessert. Not to snoop for Xmas gifts hidden throughout the house. It’s used for keeping a secret, no matter how juicy. Karma just wants us to try being good. It’s not about punishment. Though there are a few karmic redemptions I’d like a front row seat for.*insert villainous cackle Aww shoot- there goes a few more karma points.

Balance is tough, when you’re top heavy… Top heavy from my overactive brain, what were you thinking? I spend most of my time trying to be good. A good friend, actress, daughter, blogger and wife. Though not always that order. Hubby is a big fan of positive intention. Whereas Momma reminds me; When in doubt- Shut it. I generally hover somewhere in the grey middle. So, for now Camp Karma, I would like to issue a formal apology for my big fat trouble making mouth…what’s that? I have to apologize to my unwitting victim? Ummm, how about an anonymous muffin basket instead? I’ll sign your name on the note. Cuz I’m guessing but even Karma can’t have enough good Karma…right?

P.S. I also apologize for smashing that icky yucky silverfish, but he scared me and all I could think was how he was going to shimmy himself into my ear-canal, but you get it, you’ve seen them…. Eww.*insert hee-bee gee-bees shutter

Karmic Eyes Are Watching You

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