The Starving Artist: Chapter 27: What A Poser

Yesterday flew by. After a month of planning and many hours fantasizing I had my first blog photo-shoot. Followed by a long drive and my favourite…and only Bro’s birthday dinner. Then all of a sudden it was midnight. And I realized I hadn’t written anything witty or wonderful. Whoa, what’s a gal to do? I fluttered, fretted and fumed. Then, I thought why not just post a teaser. Hubby says not to reveal too much…but I say if you’ve got’em flaunt’em…and I’ve got’em…photos that is. Now, bear in mind these are behind the scene, on the DL shots…so, ya know, hush.

Now, as previously mentioned- a lot, I have anticipation anxiety. I tend to build things up to the point when satisfaction becomes impossible. But I don’t think I should worry about this little old thing. Primping, posing and polishing, I spent hours in front of the camera. Oohing and ahing my way to a more exciting persona. Hoping to make each picture worth 10,000 words…my facial muscles finishing my novel. I stressed and stretched and remembered how hard it is to be yourself, especially with all my other personalities bidding for airtime. My ever patient photographer was shocked at how expressive I was…the most expressive female he’s worked with; so he says. Which could be a good thing, bad thing or all things in between. So, ladies and gentlemen, it is my weary pleasure to present to you the first of many*fingers crossed great shots.

20130325-001600.jpg Oh! Don’t let me forget, I want to thank those special folks who helped me make this day so beautiful. With the love and support of many good and talented folks I put today together. Sweet Trash for the clothing, Brianna Bisson for the hair and make up and Nolan Creative for his what I hope to be iconic early photos of me…no pressure. Oh and my Momma and Papa B for loaning the their car. I am excited, nervous and exhausted. So, I hope you’ll forgive me this weak and weary blog. My soul was consumed by the camera. But it will regenerate for tomorrow and I will kick that blog’s sass. I pinky swear.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 27: What A Poser

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