Take The High Road Country Mouse

Some people are nice people, some people are mean people and some people are nice people being mean. There is a right way to treat someone and a wrong way. But there is a junction where the two roads meet and we have a chance to go either way. It is up us to make the right choice. I have so many people in my life who are surprised when they are treated badly by a stranger. Or shocked by a shinning moment of unexpected kindness from another stranger. I remember growing up, hearing that the bigger person always takes the high road. Never did I want to physically be the bigger person, though I usually was anyway. I shied away from the high road, inroads and all roads altogether. Since growing up I’ve realized that being the bigger person meant turning the other cheek, taking the road less travelled and smiling through the rain…even if you can trace the tracks of my tears.

Working late into the night and early into the morning has an interesting was of shifting your perspective. Being thrust back into the work week with an outdoor overnight shoot is a rough way to re-enlist. And I can feel the vibrations from the 50 odd people who’re eager for the pay-check but angry about the hours, outfits and accommodations. Not shocking as we are faking summertime on a midnight patio in Toronto in March…which for those international readers means: BRRRrrr*notice the very purposeful 4 capital letters. Now, one would think that those dressed in snow pants with full winter weather gear would be pleasant, kind and understanding to those of us wearing flimsy summer dresses and flip flops on the newly shovelled deck. But NOOOOOO *again notice the very purposeful capital letters. The snapping, sniping and general air of inconsideration isn’t new to the industry. But they’ve obviously never heard that they’d get more flies with honey. Instead, they have chosen the hot steamy feces route. Which attracts flies, but not in a good way.

For the last week I have been out of the grind. Taking time to help my family. Feeling loved and liked, which isn’t a lot to ask. Being called into action I drove out of my country cocoon and into the city, where the increase in anxiety is palpable. The laid back attitude of folks doing what they need to get by VS the rushed, ragged, raging mobs clogging the streets. It’s not just a city mouse, country mouse thing, it’s also a life decision. Of course I have met mean people in the country, to say otherwise would be ridiculous. But I think it’s the city that offers a sense of anonymity, a feeling that it’s okay to be the smaller person taking the low road. All I want is a little love and understanding people! Is that too much to ask? Apparently at work it is. As for me I will continue being a big and tall country mouse, taking the highroad with a jar of honey while living in the city…at least for now.

Take The High Road Country Mouse

2 thoughts on “Take The High Road Country Mouse

  1. BFF says:

    At least for now? You’re just trading one set of problems for another, MM. Remember?

    City life drains the batteries quickly, that’s for sure. It’s why we occasionally head out of town for some urban detox. We need to recharge.

    But the city is exciting, unpredictable, adventuresome, and full of life. Alicia Keys says it best: It’s a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do… big lights will inspire you.”

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