Learning To Love Learning

If knowledge is power I am training to be a Superhero Princess. I have always been eager to learn. My love for music, movement and mental acuity driving my interests. Keen to absorb as much as possible. I love new shiny tidbits. Collecting and arranging information on topics weird and wild. Dropping informational bombs on unsuspecting conversation partners. When I heard that learning something new formed a wrinkle in your brain; I started practicing origami on my grey matter. It’s become an ongoing practice: learning to love learning.

My Papa B is a Jack of all trades. He knows a little bit about a lot of things. With a tool for every job. Hammering away at the nails of each problem. He’s also a know it all, mostly the good kind. We’re not competitive, we just like to win. Hey, PB, Where’d you think I get it? I used to be jealous of Hubby’s Super obsessions. How he Jonses for more. But most of his knowledge is limited to specifics universes, some of which are far far away. It used to irk me that BFF knew the strategy of winning. The formations and positions of defense. The stats behind the number. Colour coordinating her affections. Now, there are things that I’ve loved my whole life; baby animals, unicorns, baby unicorns and laughing. But none of these things encourage more than an aww or more laughter. When BFF and I decided to learn how to juggle, I knew we’d be evenly matched. Her body and my brain- we could be the most engaging jugglers of all time, we just needed to learn.

They say curiosity killed the cat, well that makes me happy to be a dog person. Sticking my nose into places it doesn’t belong. Rooting around for more knick knack knowledge. It’s not about being the smartest person in the room. It’s about being the most interesting conversationalist. It’s about being able to connect with the most people. I have yet to meet someone I couldn’t talk to. Like? Well, let’s not go nuts…but at least I’m trying. By trying I mean I am learning about dealing with difficult people- cuz there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of ’em…Lucky us;)

Learning To Love Learning

One thought on “Learning To Love Learning

  1. R MoFo says:

    Its been said that understanding is paramount to learning, and I love to learn. As a student of the human condition I try to understand. Its nice to know that the planet is warming yes, but I find it far more interesting to understand/know why. EG: I have learned that folk wear ear buds when walking in the city, or driving. Then I try to understand why after watching the near death misses that occur. The word Know is pretty flexible. To say that one knows someone doesnt mean that at all, seems like its a pseudonym for “acquainted”. Real knolwedge still seems hidden in places like books(Lake Placid). Wouldnt it be great if our political leaders had knowledge of things like, intelligence, sobriety, decency, integrity, compassion for the Earth and fellow man.? Or would that set them apart too much from the voters? It seems so subjective at times. Hmmmm. S

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