Funeral Procession

Dark cars, following the darkest car, funeral flags waving
White gloves on brass handles
Organ music ringing in the ears of those sitting row upon row
Lined up for closure at the gaping hole to the beyond
The world around knowing nothing of our silent loss
Puttering about their Tuesday trivialities

We sit together, Brother, Sister, Friend, Neighbour,
Mothering the babies
Shining like the sun
Snow squalls squeal, with wind whipped chills
Tying up loose ends with love

Today, was yesterday’s mystery
Unfolding early mourning
The sigh relieving the reality we so long wished for
Peace and pieces, falling into place
The whisper of the voice we won’t hear
The rattle of the future that waits before
Something borrowed, and something brave and we will live again

Funeral Procession

3 thoughts on “Funeral Procession

  1. Cathy says:

    Such a difficult day…such a huge loss…Thinking of you and your family today Melissa…sending warm thoughts and Love…xo

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