Midnight Macaroni and Mind Over Manners

After midnight macaroni and spotting continuity errors in the First Wive’s Club; I realized I still had work to do. Riding my 3rd wind, I had checked out. Taking a mental vacation in preparation of my re-railing. Which I think is an appropriately made up word, meaning: getting myself back on track. After being away, the pattern I had carefully implemented had became fuzzy. Before I could re-rail, I had to un-cloud. After going to the gym, riding the crammed streetcar, smiling in the sun rays through window panes, getting groceries, calling all angels and giving it my best shot, I felt ready. But it was the stack of writing I’d been avoiding for weeks that truly grabbed my attention. They had grown impatient and decided to cut me. I mean the inanimate pages of my no-where-near-finished book literally cut me. My finger bleeding, I could feel these unmarked pages laughing at me. It was time to fulfill a promise I’d made to myself months ago.

Avoiding this work was the easy part. Until I emptied last week’s suitcase…It held my ignored juggling balls, the unbent spine I was calling reading material and the printed draft pages of my novella. All items showing the stress of travel without the benefit of use. I have been opting out of life. My carefully ordered schedule, unraveled. I was avoiding my choices, cuz they’re hard. Instead I focused on the useless. Like, I had a craving for Bette Midler, and felt For the Boys might be a little heavy…Ukulele or not. So, I watched First Wives Club. I got my fix, but it lacked the over the top Beaches quirk I was hoping for. I did however realize that Better and Sarah Jessica Parker probably liked working together even if they weren’t on the same side. And just as I poured a glass of water, stretched and sat down to start work at this keyboard, it was out of batteries. Recharging and refilling it, my Puppa Stink scratched the door to go out. This was of course the 2nd time she’d had celebrated Go Time! with me today. It had been that kinda week all around. I kept letting things get in the way. As they so often do. But, being the good Momma I am, I walked the dog. Then I sat back down, with nothing to say.

Of all the blogs, in all the world, I had to forget how to write this one. My tummy full of cheesy noodles. My mind finally quiet with unclouded satisfaction. I didn’t know what to write. I just keep hoping these were the right things. As for my re-railing; I am happy to be back at the train station, even if not completely back on track. The Thomas in me thinks I can. Now, all I need is a $250 gift card to the Bay, a flight to BC and a job that pays me to be fabulous and semi-helpful. Oh and a fancy correction pen…cuz these dangerous pages are about to see red. One, two, three, go! That’s how it works right?!? I just have to do it.

Midnight Macaroni and Mind Over Manners

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