Dear Jerkface

Dear Jerkface,

You are not the most important person in the world. Now, c’mon. The more we get together, the happier we’ll be. You could be nice, it’s not that hard. We all live in this big crazy world together.
You don’t need to run me off the sidewalk. Try single file on tight squeezes. And you could let me exit before trying to get inside. The door is a two way greet. People in, people out. Outbound goes first. Apply this to elevators and subways too please. Also give your elders or folks carrying parcels your seats. A TTC journey should be shared experience. Emphasis on sharing.
Give me a break, Jerkface. You stink at life. The power of one is not stronger than the influence of good. Stop hitting cars while parallel parking, then driving off. Don’t pull into handicap places just because you’re only gonna be a sec. Don’t speed up to sit at a red light.
Stop littering. I carried a banana peel 4 blocks ’til I found a garbage. It’s not that hard. On the topic of litter- your dog poop is the grossest litter and it clots my boot print with icky, yucky poo stink. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Pick it up and put it in the can.
Oh sweet, misguided Jerkface, I know you’re not all bad; you just act that way. Please keep your head up. Look me in the eye and be nice. That’s all I’m asking for. You don’t have to be the Good Witch, bringing cheer and sparkly optimism to all; you just have to make a freaking effort. Please try. At least, so I don’t feel like the only person being the change I want to see in the world. Would ya?!?

Mrs. Commish

P.S. Jerkface your music is too loud and you’re gonna loose your hearing. And you’re too young for that.

Dear Jerkface

2 thoughts on “Dear Jerkface

  1. R MoFo says:

    Mrs.Commish, thats exactyly why I avoid tghe city when on personal time, cause Jerkface lives, breeds, and drives in the city as well. Props on ya

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