Things I Learned From Kids

My Momma is a fan of saying; you know you’ll always be my baby, no matter how old you get. And big or small, every person is somebody’s baby. But the little ones, gosh dang it, well they are just the cutest. And lately there has been a rash on giggling baby videos, you know the ones with kids laughing that way that only little kids can laugh. That special whole body laughter we loose as we grow up. So, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the local youngsters… not in the creepy way that sounds. But here are a few things I learned.

1. Rubber boots should be yellow

2. Yelling doesn’t mean you get your way; but it does get you attention from strangers

3. Energy and chocolate are not directly related, but they collide explosively

4. Not getting your way may cause tantrums

5. Noticing birds and alerting other people is a great way to remind them to slow down

6. Never walk anywhere if you can be pushed in a chariot with sun shade

7. Always carry a snack

8. Even if all you’re doing is wiggling, it’s still better than standing still

9. Invitations from friends are exciting

10. Birthdays!

11. Groups activities are more fun than solo ones; except the swings

12. Your dog really is your best-friend

13. Riddles and jokes can be hours of fun

14. Time is so slow, until you want it to last forever

15. Napping is worth the effort

16. Memorization is kinda fun when you have friends who all remember the same thing

17. Everything is cool

18. Mommas are wonderful, at least most of the time.

19. Mud pies should not be served by hand

20. Springtime makes you want to go outside

21. Games should be played, oh yeah.

22. Look at the world through new eyes

23. Bitterness doesn’t exist everywhere

24. Please and thank you are magic words

25. You should always clean behind your ears

26. If you loose your gum, it’s probably in your hair

27. There is love all around

28. A new place holds new adventures

29. Excitement for everyday is possible

30. You must do what Simon says

Okay, so some of those things I learnt when I was a kid, but it took me to watch it again to remember them. There is something so special about spending time with tiny little people. They trust, honestly and truly they do. They play and squeal and squirm. And they remind me how we should behave. Like teeny tiny lovable brats.

Things I Learned From Kids

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