Being My Own Boss Stinks

After an hour of looking at cute kitties and baby manatees, I thought I should get down to work. Work!*insert ironic laugh and head shake. I laugh because I’m self-employed, and most people think I eat bon-bons and lounge around in silk pyjamas all day. I work for myself, from home most of the time. I also have lofty goals, that aren’t work in the classic sense-as I do them for free-so far. But do you know what lofty goals demand…wait for it…work. Working for yourself is tough, cuz my boss sucks.

She’s either waging mental warfare or letting too many important things slide. She’s never at her desk when you need to ask a question, not that she’d know the answer anyway. She’s always calling after hours and perhaps a few drinks to talk about the most amazing ideas she just had. Tomorrow, however she won’t be interested in those fantastic concepts that just couldn’t wait last night. Oh, she’s a real peach. Being a freelance, self-employed, entrepreneur who would’ve thought I’d hate my boss so much. Hate is a strong word I know, but she sucks. Her time management skills are limited. She doesn’t know how long anything takes. Her negotiation skills are non-existant. She pays full price without even asking for a deal. As for corporate budgeting and payroll, sheesh, you’d think she’d learned math in french. Which she did, but c’mon. Oh, and when she doesn’t understand something and has to ask someone else for help…She makes the person helping her feel like a jerk. What’s that all about? Now, I am not sure how she landed this job, but it must’ve been a favour to someone.

I know it sounds like I’m being hard on myself. Which I am, I have impossibly high standards. But being a crappy boss-lady stinks. It wreaks to high heaven of inadequacy. Okay, maybe it’s just the slight scent of adequacy. I’ve always been tough to manage. I have a problem with people giving me orders. I think most people do things wrong. Plus, I don’t like doing things that aren’t fun, fulfilling and fancy, and most jobs are usually only of those things. After making the choice to be self-employed, I realized it wasn’t a choice so much as my destiny. I was destined to battle my evil inner boss. Two sides of the same evil coin. But I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. For the quarterly performance report I am going to mark her as Needs Improvement. Take that Boss-lady!

Being My Own Boss Stinks

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