Dear Weather

Dear Weather,
I know you’ve been getting a lot of flack lately for your inconsistent behaviour. You’re up, down and now this?!? Sleet and feels like -2? Aw geez, by now you should know better. Even hearty Canadians need a sunny break or two. And though I’ve never been a fan of ganging up, being rabble roused or whipped into a frenzy; I will join this angry mob in their chorus of WTF Weather!

I didn’t blame you for the Groundhog’s faulty prediction. Because I know we shouldn’t trust an animal that lives underground. I stayed optimistic through the whole grey month of March. Crossing my fingers for a brighter April. I’ve even tried to praise your yucky rainy days, repeating the adage: April showers bring May flowers, over and over and over again. Until all the words have lost their meaning. I had locked my winter coat away, to then have to layer myself into a marshmallow woman. Wrapped in so much fabric I waddle.

I want to wear sundresses! I want to get a sunburn, not a bad one. But a little one. I want to have picnics in the park and drinks on the patio. I want to stay out late in the extended hours of sunshine. My toes have been locked inside boots since October, they’re dying to breathe again. I want spring dangit! Pretty please!?!

Now, I know I said I love Toronto because we celebrate all four seasons. But winter? She’s a passed*said with an Italian accent. Why an Italian accent? Well, because it’s the most emphatic! Just ask anyone’s Nonna. Anyway, Weather, you’ve always been a willing accomplice, so why not now. Stop torturing us! And I promise we’ll try harder with the whole ‘heal the world’ thing MJ started so long ago. Deal?


Dear Weather

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