Living With Sparkles

FairyTale GlitterI have had too much time on my hands. Everyday I have been focused on using that time effectively. Well, attempting to be effectively focused. I have been writing, reading, working out and crafting. Yeah, that’s right, I said crafting. I have been doodling, sketching and sparkling. And there’s where my story really begins.  I may have over-sparkled, without taking the necessary precautions.  And there are sparkles…every…where. I mean they are everywhere. I wasn’t prepared for all the sparkles. Did I say they are everywhere, cuz they are.  Without realizing it I have made a household commitment being sparkly for a couple of days.

My Hubby will sparkle, my Jill-Bean will sparkle… The cat is the only sparkeless creature in our midst.   Though I think that has something to do with her compulsive baths.  (side note: seeing her hack up a sparkle ball would be amazing!) As for the rest of us: We are sparkled.  I will now be known as the girl who has sparkles stuck everywhere. Especially her socks.  But I have developed a savvy way of dealing with the sparkle-invasion.  Ready for the super secret?  It’s a smile.  Yeah, that’s right.  When your world is covered in sparkles, there is nothing to be done.  So, fuss-pants, stop worrying would ya?   Who cares there are sparkles on the couch, now it looks magic.  The same for the floor.  And now those dog fur dust bunnies have a certain special something.  And that thing, well, it’s sparkles.  As for the sparkles stuck under my nose and in Hubby’s beard… People think it’s funny finding them.  Like we’ve been on some treasure hunt or in an enchanted glen with mystical creatures who naturally shed glitter.  Things could be worse.

It’s no coincidence that sparkles go hand in hand with so many wonderful things: Christmas, diamonds and vampires. Just think about all places in the world that are sparkle free.  I can’t help but think how much more interesting they would be if they just sparkly.  Like the DMV, having glitter-crusted line ups.  Or the dentist- the glimmering tools hinting at the magic of tartar removal.  Even the TTC could benefit from some bling.  Sparkles are an inexpensive and exciting way to glamourize everything.  As for my sparkly household, I am looking forward to living with that glint of glamour. Especially on my jogging pants.

Living With Sparkles

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