How I Write Blogs

Blog Time: I just told Hubby I had to go tippy, tap. To which he replied, “Is that a new class at the gym?” And I thought: A tippy, tap class would be amazing! Sadly, it was not anything that exciting. I meant tippy, tap like computer keys. The little tippy, tap of fingers on letters, building words, works and wonders. Clicking ideas together literally and figuratively. After a brief explanation of tippy, tap, I took a Mark Twain bow and promptly left the room. I am glad however, that Hubby dearest didn’t think tippy, tap was a new and special limited edition couples game.

Everyday I know I am at some point going to hafta (90’s slang) write a blog. Today, I procrastinated my afternoon away. Then it was suddenly evening. *I will now pretend we were productive: Hubby and I had watched cartoon research. We synchro strummed our respective strings together. We snuggled the dog and made meals together. I started another Friendship bracelet. Our groceries were stocking the fridge. I had stretched and strengthened at the gym. I was perfectly wrapped up in a wonderfully sunny sanity day. Then I remembered I had almost forgotten you. No, that’s never true. I never forget you, you are my nag. My beautiful Unicorn nag:) You are my responsibility. It is up to me to brighten your day. I accept this. But somedays that’s easier than others. And most days are others.

When I travel for work I am able to poke out a few ideas to build a blog foundation. If I am on the move my brain is going with me. I make the most of my long bus rides with multiple transfers. While at work I find myself scribbling notes and dictating a voice memo. I work hard when I am working. I work on all of my ahemwork, so that when I get home I am finished for the day. Since being underemployed, I have found my day is without structure. Music in the afternoon, gym in the morning, and cartoons whenever. It sounds like all fun and games, but I am going hafta write a blog at some point. So, this is what I wrote.

How I Write Blogs

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