The Vintage Advantage


There was a very special time, when a woman was a lady and she looked fabulous. Yards of fabric spilling and spinning around her. The swish of silk and petticoats. The cinched waists with A-line skirts, or billowing blouse with pencil skirts. The magical way her brooch catches the light and shines like a tiny chandelier. Her laugh like bubbles in champagne. While wearing gloves and hats with dark lace, she is the epitome of femininity, individuality and, dare I repeat myself, fabulousness. This woman is drawn to others of her kind. A classic spirit in modern times. She is a Lady and her time is now. These Ladies long for a prettier time. Is there a place for them, you ask? Why yes; They are the past, they are the future, they are Vintage.

There is a pink house on top of a hill, overlooking a rapid flowing river. Time has not touched this house. Excitement building as you climb the stairs. The sign reads Sweet Trash and it is just that. The sweetest finds from forgotten closets, attics and estates. Through the doors are wonders a plenty. Each time I walk through the time portal the Green Eyed Vixen rears her fashion loving face. She wants to take and hold and love all the carefully selected and delicately restored fashions. This is a place where a lady is treated as such, by other such ladies. At any moment it seems that tea time with gossip and afternoon reflection could spring forth.

I friggin’ love this place, if you’ll excuse the language. I bought my wedding dress there. It was perfect for me, and Ms. Terri knew it. She has an eye for style. When my Momma and I walked through the door she greeted us like old friends. The good kind of friend who will keep your secrets;) My bridesmaid’s bought their dresses from Sweet Trash, each as unique as the girl wearing it. For my blog photo shoot, I could think of no other place I wanted to be outfitted by. This store is like walking into the perfect doll house. All the racks are full of beautiful and unique pieces, and there is something for everyone. Vintage is unique. Vintage is recycling. Vintage is my advantage.


The inspiration for everything new has derived from something that came before. Vintage is loved. It is in itself a main stay. The only guarantee is that for as long as something exists, it will get older. And even the worst fashion faux pas looks sharp in vintage. Nothing is lost. There is a sense of ease that comes from knowing that the dress you are wearing was loved and cared for longer than you have been alive. Now, that’s deep, but in a time when the world seems so inconsistent, I find solace in the idea that some part of me might last long after I am gone. Even if it is just a snappy green lady’s power suit from the early 90’s.

Follow Sweet Trash on FB OR If you can’t wait ’til your next trip to Elora to visit them try their Etsy store and have those wanted items shipped to you…

Sweet Trash’s Etsy Store

The Vintage Advantage

4 thoughts on “The Vintage Advantage

  1. Not the Momma says:

    As I recall, you were stunningly beautiful wearing that vintage dress on your wedding day! The dress enhanced just who you are.

  2. Reblogged this on Enjoy Every Moment and commented:
    Ana got me into vintage, and old fashioned items and clothing. She loves the Vintage lace look. I love the classy Audrey Hepburn, or a very Bewitched sort of housewife look, I crave owning more to keep that look alive and my housewife dreams come true in the fashion sense. 🙂

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