Be Your Nicest Self, Please


I am a huge advocate for being yourself.  Being yourself is great! You don’t have to worry about remembering the lies you were telling by being that other person.  You get to just be and do and live.  When you are yourself, you’re comfortable in your skin.  You feel like a bird…a flightless bird but a bird none the less.  And I wouldn’t mind being associated with ostriches, penguins or kiwis; flight or not, they’re awesome.  For example ostriches are amazing kickers, have wicked plumage and long graceful necks…but I digress.  Even being such a huge advocate for being true to yourself, I must admit, that some of those selves are not great.  I mean, would it kill people to be a bit nicer? C’mon.

As the spring starts to settle into its stride we find ourselves outside.  Being outside means being with other people.  Whether that means strangers on the sidewalk while window shopping, huddled soggy spring rain masses on the streetcar or parks full of sunbathers.  People are everywhere, and while I am being myself, they are being themselves.  It’s a whole lotta selfish behaviours but I never forget my manners.  Many times throughout my daily travels I find myself pushed, banged, bumped, jostled, slammed, stepped on, shoved, cut off and generally disregarded.  Well, one of my mean selves says- 2 can play at that game.  While nice me believes that’s the way the whole world goes blind.  So, I take a deep breath, a bow and hold the door to let those other selves go first.  It’s the nicest thing I can do.  And it surprises me that any self would want to be anything else.

Being kind, nice and sweet are typically thankless actions.  But I want you to know, I thank you every time you’re nice to me.  Every.Dang.Time.  I have a great smile that I like to share.  It’s fun to share.  It’s fun to be nice.  It’s fun to share our niceness together. There’s a special song that hums in your heart when you are yourself, doing good things.  They don’t have to be big things.  I don’t have the paycheque for big budget good deeds.  I can only afford the free ones.  You know the ones.  They sound like: Please lady with baby,  go ahead. Or Sir, would you like my seat? Maybe it’s the last one, but you can have it.  What about waving a driver through. It’s easy to be nice.  Especially on a sunny day.  So, I pledge to be my best self, if you can meet me half-way and stop beating me up.  Be your nicest self.  My hope is: We can find love in a selfish place.  Rhianna would proud, oh wait, that’s hopeless.

Be Your Nicest Self, Please

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