My Pet Project- Hint: It’s A Unicorn

After straining to look at burlesque dancers last night, my neck was sore. So, I thought I would invest in some of my more sedentary activities. Good thing I had my crafting tools handy and access to Netflix. What did I do with my time before Netflix? Now, I can watch 30 episodes of 30 Rock, and if you time it right you get 2 Christmas and 2 Valentines episodes. Plus a Leap Day! A challenge I willingly accepted. But I digress, the reason I was able to undertake such a worthy task was that I was fighting procrastination, and winning. Even though I was suffering from severe Batman neck; I had plans to continue the project I have been keeping to myself. So, I pulled out the hot pad and pencil crayons and got down to no neck turning business.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my Pet Project: This is Carl & Stacey.

Carl & Stacey love to play together

First discovered playing inside my head these two are always looking for adventure.

A few things you should know about them:

  • They are brother and sister
  • Carl is a T-Rex who doesn’t talk and Stacey is a Unicorn that doesn’t stop
  • They were adopted by Mr Tortoise and Mrs Ostrich- Family Portrait being processed
  • Stacey likes to sing and she’s a little bossy
  • They love hijinx

Yesterday started the implementation puppet creation initiative. A program I created to start building puppets. So that I could start making my own cartoon. Shorts at first. Then songs. Now, I know it may sound silly, but I have always fancied myself a person who makes more that just snide remarks. I love handi-crafts. Therefore why wouldn’t I start building my own dream? And I did. Well, I didn’t build the whole dream, just the first 2 template puppets. Throughout the day I sketched, outlined, cut out and started stitching joints. Having the tools each crafter needs to bring these colourful personalities to life. These characters are on the move…almost. Now, all I have to do is finish the fridge box theatre with pencil crayon curtains, 4 back drops and the paper puppet props their stories demand. It promises to be an animated list of tasks…At least when the motion stops.

Step 3: Stacey templates for tracing
Step 8: Stacey waiting for button joints
My Pet Project- Hint: It’s A Unicorn

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