The Starving Artist: Chapter 33: Let’s Get Flexy

Cinco de Mayo isn’t just for margaritas anymore! It also marked the beginning of my Splits Challenge. A month long exercise program designed to build towards the perfect splits. After sweating, swearing and shaking, I remembered just how important flexibility is. Not just physically, but throughout our daily lives. Yes, I am working towards being able to comfortably sit in the splits. Yes, I am looking forward to being bendy. Yes, I have set myself a goal. But, I want my physical flexibility to mirror my emotional balance. I want to flex, stretch and push myself forward; both my muscles and my life.

I have been slowly working towards health and happiness; in both life and work. I’ve classified them separately, cuz being happy in life is great, but being happy at work…well, that’s impressive. The terminology work varies in it’s meanings. From the force that moves us to the charity we provide and even the labour of working towards our goals. Being flexible helps us to find the balance. By thinking of my life like the human body, I have started to identify some of my emotional obstacles. Are my hamstrings tight or is it my hip flexors? What is it that is slowing my progress? Am I stuck in my mindset or am I stubborn with my point of view? By moving through the emotional poses I can find what needs work. And that work is often painful, scary, tear inducing but ultimately it’s rewarding.

Emotional flexibility is just as difficult as muscularly release. Release is key. The will to accept the situation as it is; whether that means releasing into a yoga pose or allowing ourselves to release what we cannot change. By moving through life with flexibility we can work to achieve balance. We stand taller, breathe deeper and love sweeter. Flexibility helps us fight the fear. Whether it means to settle into the splits or to shift our perspective. Now, if I could only reach my toes, they could use a tickle…it might make this hard work more fun:)

The Starving Artist: Chapter 33: Let’s Get Flexy

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