Sharks VS Jets: Making Snap Decisions

The Melicious West Side:

When you’re a Jet,
You’re the top cat in town,
You’re the gold medal kid
With the heavyweight crown!

But Sharks are the Kings,
Of the sea can’t you see?
Once you’re locked in their gaze,
You can never be free.

Sharks are the Jets of the Sea and Jets are the Sharks of the Sky. When they are both so great; how can anybody choose a side? Well, this is where I find myself. I am trying to decide how to decide. I am naturally an indecisive person. I never want to limit my options by choosing just one! What if it’s not the best choice? What if it’s a mistake? What if something better comes along? What if the what if’s just keep coming? Do I have to make a decision for

For a long time I had made the lazy career decision; not to decide. In the hopes that a decision would be made for me. That someone would see what it was I was offering and hand me the keys to my destiny. Well, Sweepstakes, Passing Go and Free Parking aside, there aren’t a whole lot of oversized novelty cheques floating around. And even fewer heading my direction. So, I decided it was time to decide.

Here’s the thing: Sharks are born. And Jets are made. And I am neither one. No matter how well I snap, splay or step touch. I think making a decision can only help steer my wayward whimsy. By choosing to focus on a few things and letting the back burner items remain there until I have achieved/finished some of my main goals. I have decided to aim my Jet-mounted-laser-beam-Shark-vision and set the ocean on fire…Wait, that’s not quite right. I have decided to set specific goals and follow my bliss.

Melicious is the name,
I’m the happy Queen bee.
And I’m making a choice,
to decide who to be.

To be Queen of the blog,
and the night and of fun.
To make myself proud,
Have my day in the sun.

So, just c’mon with me,
On a journey we’ll go.
And if nothing else,
It’ll be a great show.

Cuz, when you decide,
A decision is made,
And you know all your goals
Making sure plans are laid.

Expect big new things,
From this sweet country girl.
Taking hold of my fate,
Let’s just give it a whirl.

*Dance Break outro… Step, turn, flourish, high hat hit….Yeah! Fosse fingers.

Sharks VS Jets: Making Snap Decisions

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