All We Need Is Love, So Share It Bro

Have I told you lately that I loved you? Have I told you how much I really care? Can’t you tell by looking at me? I am bursting with love! Love. Love. Love. Love is all you need. Well, love and all those things imperative to stay alive like water and Netflix. Love is a gift best shared. And I want you to share it with those you love. TELL THEM! Show them. Give them the gift of love, it’s free. And free is the best price for a priceless gift.

My Bro is convinced that if someone overheard him saying he loves me, he would be carted off to the funny farm…where funny things don’t actually happen. That it would be the worst situation that a grown man could find himself in. I can hear his inner monologue, though it sounds strangely like his 8 year old self: TELL My Sister I love her? Why would I do that? She already knows; I don’t need to say it. Well, dang boy! Even a cactus needs water occasionally. And I am not a tough prickly dessert dwelling plant. I am a sappy (*plant pun) city living lady. And sometimes, I just need to hear him say it. I want him to share something that doesn’t cost him anything but air..and words…and time…and maybe long distance charges. But he refuses; even when there is nobody around to hear him humiliate himself..

I don’t think it would upset me as much if he didn’t like me. I mean, if we were those siblings who don’t get along, hate spending time together, do nothing but fight…but mostly, we’re good. He has the odd errant ear/nose/eyebrow hair, but that makes me feel needed. He can be gruff and gruelling. Even dare I say it, off-colour? But nobody’s perfect. It seems silly to me that anyone wouldn’t want to make sure those they love knew it. How could loving anything be considered a weakness? Yes, obviously your heart is a sensitive muscle, but I would hope that we can be tough enough to share love. Or at least I’d hope you’re brave enough to give it a shot. Cuz Bro, you’re one tough Mother Bocker, and I love that about you. That’s one thing I am not afraid to say.

All We Need Is Love, So Share It Bro

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