Rave Reviews for Mom of Me-ah!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Second Sunday of May…Every year, but there have been years (that’s right, YEARS) it’s slipped my mind. I forgot to send a card, go to brunch or tell my Fabu-Momma how super-duper she is. Now, I believe you should treat your Momma (and everyone else) like it’s their birthday-Christmas-Mother’s Day-everyday! But that doesn’t mean that having a special day that falls on what is hopefully a sunny spring Sunday isn’t a nice celebration anyhow. So, this year, I planned ahead. With a rental car booked and a day trip planned; I will make this Mother’s Day one Mother of a good time.

If I was a colour I would be green. I am an even mix of my Momma’s yellow and Papa B’s blue. I assigned them these colours for specific reasons. My Momma is typically sunny and upbeat and my Papa B tends to be more the calm Eeyore type, suffering with occasional rain clouds- but yellow and gray make brown and I wouldn’t consider myself a brown personality. I am so lucky to have bits of both colours, though it’s not always easy being green…

My Momma and her Momma were tight. Momma was 13 years younger than her only sibling, so most of her growing up memories are as an only child. My Momma and Grandma Far were friends. I mean, they were mother/daughter, but they also truly enjoyed each other’s company. I can remember being a little girl laying in bed listening to them giggle downstairs and wanting so badly to join in. I remember growing older and being invited to participate in the giggles. Laughter, oh geez. My Grandma Far used to laugh through her teeth, like Heathcliff, my Momma’s eyes tear up and then there’s me; tittering like Betty Rubble. We made a dynamite trio. From them, I learned that family can be friends. And that when we die, the love remains.

Then there is my Grandma Near, my Papa B’s Momma, who passed away this April. I can see her bustling around in the kitchen on Special Occasions. I can remember her decorating cakes and the ease with which she piped icing flowers. I can see her starring out the kitchen window, silently warning me to behave myself…which was practically impossible, cuz all the fun things were forbidden. Grandma Near fell ill 5 years ago. And she was gone for so long before she passed, it was hard to watch her turn into an empty shell, she had always been such a proud lady. From her I learned that being proud of yourself is an accomplishment. And that the person you want to be and the person you are, aren’t as far apart as you may think.

I have so many amazing Mothers in my inner, middle and outer circles, that if I tried to laud them individually, this blog would go on forever. But I do want to make special mention of my Aunt: Who hugs like she means it.every.single.time. My Other Mother for teaching my Hubby about love. My Spa-pal, Hot Momma and Lady on the Fence: Your daughters are lucky little ladies. Thank you for being great Mommas!!! So, this Sunday, and every day celebrate your Mother! Buy her flowers, mow the lawn, eat some brunch and hug that woman! Remember, she’s been your Santa Clause, maid, chef, enforcer and if you’re lucky, friend. I am going to try everyday to celebrate my Momma and if I happen to miss Mother’s Day next year, I won’t feel bad. Cuz, Mother’s Day is just one made up holidays…It’s not like May the Fourth, which is the most important holiday day in the Jedi calendar.

Rave Reviews for Mom of Me-ah!

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