Who Will You Choose To Be?

Each day we are offered opportunities to make a great first impression. At the bank, laundromat, grocery store, or gym, even in the dog park. These places are full of strangers who could easily become friends. Especially in a city, there are strangers everywhere. People who don’t know who they’re missing. And each person is a chance for us to prove that the person we are and the person we hope to be aren’t so very far apart.

Are you a Princess? Superhero? Jokester? When meeting strangers; Why not try a new positive outlook? See how a smile feels. Encourage yourself to be brave and bold. Strangers are an ideal test audience for new material. And if it doesn’t fly, you never have to see them again. Embarrassed only ’til you turn the corner; meet someone new and try again. Never be anyone but yourself. Fake accents are not recommended, unless you can pull it off long term. Each new encounter is ripe with possibilities. Who knows, you could find a super friend. Someone you never would’ve met if you had nothing in common. And if you’re together somewhere, then you have one thing in common.

Somedays, it’s hard to take my own advice. But there have been so many times this has worked out so well for me. I’ve met people of distinction in casual conversation. I have made surprisingly wicked friends. There have been lucky days and failed material, but I am gonna keep at it. Somehow, I would like to continue making new impressive impressions. Currently, I am hoping to make friends with my neighbor who loves jamming…as I also like to jam. But honestly, I can’t impress enough the importance of first, second, third and eventually fiftieth impressions. So today, why not try being the person you want to be? Cuz, if you make both feet your best, it’ll be easy to put them forward.

Who Will You Choose To Be?

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