Diznee Whold!

By the time you read this I will be midair, riding the jet streams to the happiest place on earth…or at least the happiest place in Florida! You know that I am dedicated to sharing my opinions with ya’ll but I haven’t had a vaca since I was 21…and I could use the R&R! Meaning Rapunzel and Rides! I am looking forward to walking my socks off in the wonderland of the south. The roller coasters might not be the tallest, fastest or newest…but I am looking forward to screaming with joy, terror and delight. It might be a couple days until you hear from me. But know I will be learning more about myself, the mouse and my inner princess. Just in time to share with you! Love you.

P.S. it’s Star Wars weekends…and my inner geek- she wields a mean light sabre

Diznee Whold!

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