The Starving Artist: Chapter 35: Disney State Of Mind


It all started with a mouse and a dream. It’s become a whole new world of characters in theatres, on DVD and locked in secret vaults; it’s a thrilling chase, a wondrous place. Cartoons and wishes. A place where toys come to life. Dreams come true. Where wishing on a star is standard fare. A Kingdom where following your heart is the rule, not the exception. With amusing parks across the world it’s a magical place. And it’s become a 36 billion dollar annually money making machine. Now, if that’s not inspiring for every artistic Princess, I don’t know what is.

The world is a better place at Disney. Parents hug sleepy sun-soaked sobbing babies. Toddlers trek miles to meet and greets. Kids weave through the streets of their wildest dreams. Twirling rides filled with Pretty Princesses dolled up and ready for adventure. Every one saying excuse me, please, thank you and screaming I Love You’s to fantastic visions riding in magical coaches. Even rude dudes soften when they are free to be the kid inside. I have loved Disney since forever. I love that whatever we dream can come true. Now, this past week was the first time I have gone as an adult. Things have stayed the same, but so many things have changed. And my largest concern is that nobody sings a song about how much work needs to go into making those wishes come true. There is no dance number dedicated to the countless hours and many imagineers pulling together to make one man’s dream a reality. A dream is the spark that starts a fire burning, but a spark alone does not a dream secure.

The Disney state of mind is like the Christmas spirit. We should try to keep that glimmering glow within us all through the year. But there is one teeny weeny problem. The dream vacation must end. Everyone must go back to their lives in the not so magical real world. The rules that Disney lives by are left behind. Those sweet pea parents going sour with the daily grind. The memories forgotten, except by their digital devices and social networks. Now, Disney morality is simple. Follow your heart, live your dreams and above all else Love. I know that sometimes life can get in the way of being the Princess we all have inside. But Disney teaches us all to try. While on vacation life is simple. It’s expensive, but it’s easy. Enjoy your life. And now back safe and sound, I find myself smiling, tanned and tired. It is with great pleasure that I send my application to Disney U out into the admissions office of the interweb. I am crossing my fingers for a position in the department of dreams and wishes. I would make an awesome fairy Godmother…once I grow up.

Thank you, Disney! Thank you, Walt! Thank you, wonderful dream that ended way too soon.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 35: Disney State Of Mind

One thought on “The Starving Artist: Chapter 35: Disney State Of Mind

  1. R MoFo says:

    Kudos to Disney, he taught me to be aware, and cautious as a youth. Then, as an adult I met the dark side of the Magic Kingdom, the side where they try to rip you off for work you’ve done on a production, requiring union intervention hard ball. Thanks for the message Walt, it reminded me to exercise caution and resolve in dealing with the purveyors of harm and injustice!

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