What I Learned At Disney

After spending a week on vacation with my fellow dream believers and their parents, I was surprised and happy to feel at home. Spending time with these kids who hadn’t yet been soaking in the bitterness that saturates grown up lives, and they were happy to see a familiar face. We screamed and laughed and loved it, until we wore ourselves out and needed a funnel cake to feel better. It’s amazing what you can learn if you just listen, look and laugh.

Things I Learned At Disney:

1. Princesses have sparkles everywhere

2a. Disney Rainbows are the prettiest
2b. They are usually double rainbows
2c. Disney Rain isn’t as soggy, grumpy or sad as rain in the rest of the world

3. African Safari bridges are almost unrealistically rickety

4. It’s almost as if Nemo doesn’t want to be found

5. Animatronics can be cool or scary or funny. It depends when they were made

6. Haunted houses are best when there’s a thunderstorm, and always enter through the cemetery

7. Sometimes the line up is just as fun as the ride

8. Captain EO has not aged well, but MJ will always fight for a better world..er…galaxy.

9. Being an imagineer is the best job in the world

10. Walt Disney may not have been the nicest man, but he sure had great intentions

11. Commemorative pins are cooler than keychains

12. There are secrets everywhere, you just have to know what you’re looking for

13a. A smile goes a long way
13b. A song goes further

14a. Gary Sinise wants me for the space program. Phylicia Rashad wants me to study anthropology and Patrick Warburton wants me to work as a flight deck coordinator.
14b. They all seem alright with my lack of previous experience; which leads me to believe I could easily do all 3 in a day, without breaking a sweat.

15. Maps and timetables make methodical park planning possible.

16a. Always travel with a Momma Bear
16b. If you’re traveling with me, I got it covered
16c. Papa Bears not recommended at Disney- they eat their young

17. Scream, squeal and squirm- it’s supposed to be fun

18. Ask a Disney-fanatic what to do before planning your park visit, you’ll thank yourself and them later

19. Fastpasses rock!

20a. Comfy shoes are great
20b. Comfy waterproof shoes are better

21. Travel with people at level love or higher

22. Singing is a fun way to Zippidy-do-your day!

23. Stay calm. Stay clam. Stay clean.

24. Drinking fountains should always be slightly chilled

25. If the fireworks start, sit where you are and oh and ah until the lights come back on

26. It’s an adventure. It’s a dream come true. It’s a vacation!

Disney is delightful. I freaking love it. EL-Oh-Vee-EE- LOVE IT. And there you will learn so much about yourself and those around you. But mostly please learn: Be a good role model for those screaming twins who aren’t getting their way. Smile at the tired child in front of you in line. And dream and wish with all you heart. I promise that this is the last of my Disney diatribe; though I could live happily in the Magic Kingdom forever, I am much happier online with you.

What I Learned At Disney

2 thoughts on “What I Learned At Disney

  1. dawn says:

    Here’s a little add on to learning great things: I grew up demanding to be a strong powerful girl. I hated pink. And stupid girlie things like those lame girls that coo over Gaston. Sure, I love fashion and shoes and accessories, oh my! But MY way. No giggly dumb princesses for Dawn. BUT – and here’s the lesson/kicker – I admire a pink princessy girlie. She’s tough and funny and not afraid to tell you what’s what. She’s fiesty and funny and did I mention she’s really funny? She loves pink and princesses and pin-ups and sparkles. AND she’s AWESOME! Over the past mumble-something years, i have struggled to accept me and all of my sums and parts inside and out. This pink-loving princess, this fiesty funny fabulous female – is a lesson. And I loved being schooled. Hearts and x’s and o’s times infinity.

    Dawn out. Mic drop.

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