Organizational Therapy

Somedays are better than others, we all know that. Then there are days the room starts spinning. You’ve forgotten what you wanted to say, what you came in the room for and why you’re holding that whisk in the bathroom. Every time I think I’ve finished something, I discover, I’m wrong. My life puzzle is suddenly 750 pieces of cloudless sky. You know that feeling. When the whole wide world feels like it’s out of your control. And you know what, it is. The only thing left to do is scream.

So, how should we deal with these days, especially when they’re a million light years from being over? My favorite answer is to the question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Though life can feel like 20 lbs of anarchy in a 5 lbs bag; we have control of which baggage we carry with us.

So, let’s dump out this bag and repack. In the pile I can immediately eliminate non-pressure cooker items, slating them for another lazy day when I have a free hand, a free hour and a free-wheeling spirit. I take it, shelve it and move forward. That’s 6 lbs lost. As long as I remember they’re still waiting.

Then I sort into 3 piles- Now, near and nearly. The now items are tasks that take 10 mins or less. Those emails I haven’t returned, the payments I’ve postponed and mini-admin stuff. Once I’ve finished that I have an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. 3.5lbs lost!

I ride this high into the near pile. A group of tasks that usually take longer than I expect them to, but are still necessary. These list items are stubborn, but only I can complete them. Which is great, cuz everything I need is somewhere within my grasp. So, I take a breath and battle on. Distractions are most threatening at this point- you should avoid FB, email and every other non-task oriented interruption…except this blog of course. 7lbs lost!

The nearly pile is trickiest. These tasks usually require others. Their participation, information or attention. Cuz as much as I would love to diagnose myself, I think a doctor’s input is helpful…especially since Google seems to be an overreactive hypochondriac- predicting the worst possible outcome for what turns out to be a stubbed toe. Or cleaning out that dank storage unit. Simply planning when to execute these group tasks will lighten your load. Even though you might not complete this list, having it started will lighten your load. Another 2.75lbs lost.

Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? We’ve lost 19.25! And I might go as far as saying its not lost, it’s gained in mental health. And your baggage is much lighter, just in time to start filling it up again. This time though let’s try and keep it to the maximum weight restrictions, it is after all only a 5lbs bag:)

Organizational Therapy

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