It’s Friday.

Friday, Friday. It’s the gateway day to the rest of the weekend. That very special day that slowly washes away the week’s wear. I can feel the weekend creeping in. As the week slips into distant memory. The weekend is almost here. And with it comes the infinite possibilities of tomorrow. Oh, the things I can think about tomorrow. It’s Annie’s favourite day. These hopeful hopes for a better day to come. Less humidity, perhaps? A windfall? It could be anything. And I am ready for it.

But as this Friday feeling seeps into my brain, I am distracted from this blog and other such worky type things. Part of me feels like it’s been Friday for months. Waiting for tomorrow…or the weekend…or that phone call. I have been waiting for a tomorrow, that doesn’t seem to come. That’s the problem with hope and tomorrows and weekends. But I love this summer breezy feeling none the less.

So, this Friday I will live for the now and hope for tomorrow. Do a few things today that will help me feel better tomorrow. At least I hope that’s why I am doing them, cuz some sure don’t feel great today. Then I will do some things to make me feel good now. If I organize myself just so I can acheive that fan-dangled living in the moment thing all those new age folks talk about. Won’t that be great? With that I will leave you with this: Happy Friday! Celebrate today. Have a great weekend and a wonderful tomorrow.

It’s Friday.

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